The government has an obligation to pursue convictions fairly and when the government does not meet its obligation, the system falters.

Honorable Judge Sullivan USDJ

Mission Statement

PIC is a nationwide coalition of lawyers, judges, and lawmakers dedicated to eradicating prosecutorial misconduct nationwide. We investigate allegations rigorously and advocate for integrity in pursuit of just and equitable outcomes, ensuring equal treatment & accountability. Our goal is to ensure that the principles of fairness and justice prevail in every courtroom across the nation.


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    10 Most Common Ways That Prosecutors Violate The Law

    • Charging a suspect with more offenses than is warranted
    • Allowing witnesses they know or should know are not truthful to testify
    • Pressuring defense witnesses not to testify
    • Overstating the strength of the evidence
    • Making statements to the media that are designed to arouse public indignation
    • Making improper or misleading statements
    • Withholding or delaying the release of exculpatory evidence (evidence that is in favor of the defendant)
    • Deliberately mishandling, mistreating or destroying evidence
    • Relying on fraudulent forensics experts
    • Failing to report prosecutor misconduct when it is discovered

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